Liars,Origins, and Student Elections

Hey girliess.

So, have you guys read the Pretty Little Liars series? You have? Then do you know how EXTREMELY ADDICTING THEY ARE? AND HOW FRUSTRATING IT IS WHEN YOU DONT HAVE THE TIME OR MONEY TO GO TO THE BOOKSTORE AND GET THE NEXT ONE? I am be tortured here! I need to get Wicked, the next book. Honestly, I am dying here. Dying. And the thing that really stinks is when the Pretty Little Liars T.V. show premieres on ABC Family (Tuesday, June 8th) I will be at stinking class night, having to serve other people meals because they are graduating. Ugh! THE TORTURE! I mean, come on. It had to be that one night. I guess I will just have to stand with everyone knowing how wonderful that first episode was besides me and my friends, stuck eating pizza in a corner and watching the eighth grade chow down on an awesome meal that WE served them. Sigh. Class night sucks.

Well I decided for today I am going to tell you the origin of the title of this website.

Every Grain of Sand is from a wonderful song by Stereo Skyline called Heartbeat. Listen and love, please. (: The lines read:

For every grain of sand,

That you drew me pictures in,

There was one for everytime that my,

Heart dropped again.

And WALA! A beautiful title.

Moving on, student elections are tomorrow. It stinks because I have to give up my post as spirit comissioner, and someone else will take my job. The spirit commisioner student council position at our school includes promoting school spirit, and announcing who's birthday it is at morning assembly(We have a very small school. Haha.) Thus I am known as "the birthday girl." It is hard to give up my position as "birthday girl." Sniffle.
However, I am running for president and I have to make my speech. Oh my gosh I am so nervous! I don't think I'm going to win. Here is who is running:

Me (duh!) I've been trying to convince voters in the lower grades to vote for me. (:
This kid who is nice but not really popular.
Another kid who everyone thinks is either hilarious or annoying.
A girl who is popular but besides in her class not a lot of people are saying they are voting for her.

I was talking to the 2nd kid (nice but not really popular) today and he said he thought me and him would win. (President and Vice President) which is funny cause I thought we would both be the losers. Haha. The person with the second most votes gets Vice President by the way.

Also I am not a loser or nerd which it makes it sound like that I'm running for student council president. I am actually semi-popular, because I am friends with 2 popular girls. Just wanted to clear that up that I am not a total loser, I am a normal. Haha.
Oh I also have a DILEMMA. Dude okay so I have two friends.
Friend #1- Is in my class and we are best friends but only became so because we have a mutual best friend. She's really nice and my best friend! and she really wants to win and be Secretary for elections but I don't think she will take student council very seriously.
Friend #2- Is in the other class and we are pretty good friends. She was on student council with me this year and I know she would be a great secretary and take it seriously. She is wicked good at student council things and a really good student. However, I am not as good friends with her as with Friend #1.

Wish me luck for my elections. See you soon girls!!

(a.k.a. Rachel)

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