Does anyone here care about Moby Dick? Didn't think so.

Ugh. I am ugh-ing because I have to do a project on Herman Melville, the guy who wrote Moby Dick. No one cares about Moby Dick. Sure it's a classic and I am sure it is a very good book, but why do I have to do a PROJECT on it? It's killing me. I'm dying.

Anyways what I wanted to talk to you about is this FABULOUS book I am reading called The Daughters. It is by Joanna Philbin. It is super new and the first of a series, and it is about the three best friends, Lizzie, Hudson, and Carina, who are all daughters of famous people. Joanna Phlibin can write this well because, well, HE-LLO? Her dad is Regis Philbin. Anyways I am in the middle of reading it and it is fantastic. I can pretty much guarentee you will love it and your friends will love you for showing it to them. (:


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