Hey girls! Lots of stuff in this blog.

Okay I know I started working on A Star From the Sea a while ago but I am really busy so I am still typing up the first chapter. Sorry.

Also, on here and on Lisi's blah-g I am changing my nick name to Rach. My friends had given me the nick name Chella at the beginning of the year but I don't like it that much. So Rach it is. (:

Speaking of Lisi's blah-g, I posted on it speaking of my annoyances (is that a word?) about everyone freaking out about Justine's comment. I know I was a bit rude, and I'm sorry for that, but I was just stating my opinion. And your responses were just stating their opinions too. So I hope that any of my friends who didn't enjoy my comment and stated against it know we are still friends. It was just a clash of opinions and I don't think of anyone differently. No hard feelings?

Also, woo hoo! I have 10 followers! I know I should be happy, but please, if you follow, please comment! It would make my day! Thanks!(:


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