Embarrasing, but Good, I guess...

Hey! So have any of you guys read Tom Sawyer? Well, we had to read it for english class, and I liked it. But anyways, we had to do a project for Tom Sawyer, and we had a list of things we could do. I picked to write another chapter, as if the book were continued. I didn't think it was that great, but whatever. I handed it in.

So today I find out that my teacher absolutely LOVED my project and she read it to the other class and made them act it out. I mean, that is REALLY embarrassing! I am really self-councious about my writing (I wouldn't even let my best friend read my Tom Sawyer chapter, never mind read it to the whole class!). But I got an A+ on it, so that's good. Also some kid came up to me after school and he was like "Did you really write that chapter?" and I was like "Um...yes?" Haha. I guess my writing isn't half-bad. I thought it was terrible. This is what my teacher wrote on my paper:

I thought this was superb! You really took on the persona of each character. Kudos! Keep writing!

Will do, Mrs. P. Will do.


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