I'm Baaaack!

Sorry for not posting for awhile. I was just on a very long weekend getaway with my best friends, Bridget and Katie. I would share pictures, but I didn't take any. Haha. But probably the highlight was boogeyboarding a long distance to a dock and pushing each other off. It was tons of fun. We also played a card game called Indian Head. You lick the back of a card and put it on your forehead, so you can't see it. You look at other peoples cards and bet based on theirs, even though you don't know what yours is. It was so much fun, and we were giggly because we each had a can of Coca-a-Cola. (:

Pretty Little Liars Chat!
Everyone (or at least everyone I know) is talking about it! There is a new episode tonight and I am watching last week's right now. I read the books, and they are pretty good. I think the show is alright, but all the events are scrambled, and it makes it seem like the four girls are best friends when they start getting messages from A, even though in the books they never really talked. And I find Spencer really awkward. Like when Emily came over to the group wearing the scarf Maya gave her and Spencer said "Hot scarf, Emily." It sounded so awkward. But overall I give it a 3 out of 5 stars. (P.S. Wren and Ezra are soo hot!)

And also you should get Tan Towels. I got them from Seophora and they are amazing. You rub this Clorox Wipe-like cloth all over and the next day, you are beautifully tan. But make sure you don't miss any spots. It says you should start looking tan in two hours, but I pretty much just notice it the next day. But you should get them if you are pale and find tanning boring, like me. I'd rather swim at the beach then waste my time and get skin cancer. No offence to others.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd like to request that you post some of your story, it's been forever since I've last read it! Thanks :D

Rach said...

Hey sorry! I just haven't been getting the time to type it up, because the first chapter is all written down. But hopefully, I am going to type it today!