A Few Random Things For You!

Hey. It's Rach! I have a few random things to share with you.

Random Thing #1- Have you ever gotten that yucky feeling in your mouth after you ate something, but dont feel like brushing your teeth and getting that annoying minty after taste when you want to eat something again? Keep a box of baking soda in your bathroom. When you get that yucky feeling, pour some in your mouth, add water, and swish. After you spit it out, rinse your mouth. Your mouth with feel clean, but not minty. I love it! Also, when you brush your teeth, put some baking soda on top of your toothpaste. It will help make your teeth whiter. (:

Random Thing #2- Get Oven Break on your iTouch or iPhone. It's so much fun! You can get the Lite version, which I have, so it is free. It is a really fun game.

Random Thing #3- Get a Glogster account! It is so much fun! Especially DoodleToo (It's like AIM, but you draw pictures.) Mine is rach64xoxo. Friend me!

Random Thing #4-

Don't you NEED to see this? I sure do! I hope the video embedding works...


5 xo's:

xoxo, Hannah. said...

I want to see Charlie Saint Cloud, too! (: X's and O's, Hannah.

Rach said...

It looks so good!

Francesca said...

I want to see that SO badly! The trailer honestly gave me chills, haha :)

Evon said...

please check out my blog! i love urs! :]

destiny ♥ said...

i wanna see dhat movie so badly... zac efron iz so hotttt :)